How to Drive a Moving Truck the Correct and Legal Way

If you’re planning to move and you intend to haul your things yourself, then you will definitely need a much bigger vehicle fully capable of handling all of your things in one go. This is more cost-effective than making quite a number of trips using your truck or even your car. Fortunately, there are moving companies that can rent you their moving truck which you can drive yourself. However, this vehicle is unlike the truck or car that you have been driving for many years. Here are some things you have to keep in mind when driving a moving truck so you’ll have a much safer trip to your destination.

  • Understand the nature of driving a large vehicle

Moving trucks are large. As such, they will require more time and space to react to your controls. For example, if you can make a very tight turn in less than 30 feet with your car, a cargo truck will need a much wider space for it to perform a similar turn.

Additionally, large trucks are very heavy in themselves. With the addition of your things right inside its cargo hold it might be rolling on its maximum weight limit. That being said, stopping will require greater distance. For instance, if an average car can come to a complete stop from 60 MPH in about 300 or so feet know that a large cargo truck will require about 500 feet to complete the same action. The heavier the truck the longer the stopping distance required. This simply means you have to make sure you don’t tailgate.

A moving truck is also taller than any car that you’ve ever driven. That means you will have to pay attention when passing through underpasses, canopies, and even bridges. Be especially vigilant of the vertical clearance of these structures in relation to the height of your moving truck.

Another aspect of truck driving is backing up. As much as possible, have someone outside the truck to guide you as you back up. If you don’t really have to, then don’t. Always recommended to hire professionals in helping you. Looking for a Houston moving service or any local movers in your area. If you live in the suburbs of Katy, you may search for a moving company in Katy.

  • Always get to know the truck you’re going to drive

Different moving trucks come with different sets of controls. You must familiarize yourself the location of the various controls including their operation. Make sure to adjust the seat as well as the mirrors. If possible, take it for a test drive so you’ll have a feel of its handling. Some moving companies can also provide you with a crash course on how to operate one of their trucks.

  • Obey traffic laws

Always obey traffic laws. You do not want to complicate your moving by earning a ticket for traffic violation. Use the truck’s turn signals. Always buckle your seatbelt. Make sure to pass other vehicles only when it’s clear. Be mindful of your speed as it will take a mighty ton to get it to stop in an emergency.

Moving your stuff using a truck can be so much fun. However, you have to know the differences between driving a car and driving a moving truck.

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