How to Hire a Moving Company

Moving Company Hiring Best Practice

The time has come for you to move to your new home in Ontario and one of the things that you have to do is hire a moving company – how do you know which one to choose when there are so many in the city? Moving can be a very stressful experience so it is important to find an Ontario moving company that can reduce the stress for you. Here is what you should be looking for:

•    Make sure that you hire a company that provides all the moving supplies that you need. Find out if they give their clients all the boxes necessary, tape, newspapers, bubble wrap and more. You may think that acquiring these items yourself is an easy task but all it does is add to the list of the things that you have to do. In addition to that there are moving companies that provide these supplies for free.

•    You need help packing and there are companies in the city that do that. One is Hills Moving – they will pack the first 25 boxes for you for free after which they will require a small fee for each additional box. They are experts at packing and labelling boxes so that unpacking is easy.

•    Find a company that can give you a price match. This means that if you find another moving company that offers exactly the same services but charges lower you can get a discount. Hills Moving, for example, will charge you 10% less what the other company is charging.

•    Insurance is very important during your move. The company that you choose should be able to insure all your items, as well as walls, hardwood floors and everything else in the home. It is the only way you will be compensated in case there is damage.

•    Choose an Ontario moving company that can give you advise on how best to pack. Packing isn’t about throwing items in boxes and labelling them. You need to have a system because it makes unpacking in your new home easier.

•    Find out the details of your contract – when does the billing start and how is it done? Is it a flat fee or do you pay by the hour? When does it stop – is it when they unload the truck in your new home, or so they set you up? Does the company expect an upfront fee, or do you pay everything after the move is complete? It is important to confirm all these details because it eliminates any confusion.

•    If you have additional pick-ups or drop-offs find out whether you will be charged for them and how much. Hill Movers doesn’t charge for these.

As you can see, going with Hill Movers is a great idea – they offer a stellar service that is hard to beat. They will take all the stress out of your move, and they don’t leave until you are set up in your new home. You can contact them through their website,

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